Terms of Engagement

In carrying out their work in Park Extension, researchers who belong to this network commit to:

  1. Valuing residents as knowledgeable experts and seeking opportunities for co-creation, co-design and co-researching wherever there is interest from residents to do so.
  2. Being “invited in” by residents, community groups or coalitions, and respect that these same groups may “refuse” their presence, or that of academic institutions.
  3. Pursue questions that connect to community concerns, desires and curiosities.
  4. Being transparent about research process, budget, timelines, expectations and benefits (e.g., to researcher, research assistants, community).
  5. Paying people for the time they invest in your research at a suggested rate of $15-20 per hour.
  6. Engage in research practices that are respectful and have been vetted by the people you are working with, using appropriate language.
  7. Recognize the contributions of local contributors in all research documents (papers, presentations, as co-authors, etc…).
  8. Return all research findings/items to the community, in timely ways.
  9. Negotiate direct benefits to community (e.g., knowledge, economic, service, paid work) prior to beginning a project.
  10. Commit to mutual learning and building local capacity.