In committing to equity, the members of this network acknowledge historicized, and current, gaps in access to social capital and privilege, and commit to a redistribution of research resources (including financial resources) among community stakeholders. More specifically, this represents:

  • A commensurate remuneration of research participants and partners for the investment of their time in research ($15-20 per hour)
  • Committing to impact and utility of the process and its outcomes while meeting the needs of the neighborhood and respecting its values and complexity
  • Committing to producing and sharing useable outcomes of the research – including data, conclusions and related outcomes


In committing to social justice, the members of this network acknowledge the importance of situating research work in  relation to the leadership of local community organizers and elders. More specifically, this represents:

  • Recognizing root causality in systemic inequity when defining monitored outcomes and needs
  • Recognizing our own held privilege as a balance to an expressed desire to be useful and helpful
  • Supporting, through the research work, community organizing work happening in the neighborhood


In committing to resident involvement, the member of this network commit to democratizing knowledge and ensuring that local residents play an active role in directing and defining the priorities of research held in the neighborhood. More specifically, this represents:

  • Using accessible languages and process throughout the research
  • Ensuring wide access to the generated information and conclusions. This may represent making research outcomes in the context of existing community outlets and organizations.